Nowhere is a more focused, holistic and pragmatic approach needed then when speaking about modifications to a company’s corporate governance practices.

The push for governance reforms seems to be never ending and the linkage to shareholder value creation feels increasingly weak.  Our value-add is in helping issuers manage reform requests while protecting their reputation and avoiding surprises.

Our founders date back to the dawn of the corporate governance reform movement.  As such we believe it is fundamental that advice emanate from a detailed understanding of each client’s ownership and voting control as well as its near and medium term performance as an investment.

To us the main object is not having great governance measurables, at the expense of either corporate control vulnerability or management instability.  An issuer should strive to have strong two way relationship with its universe of engage-able shareholders, and as much as possible see that governance and compensation considerations are integrated into its relationships with investors.

Our advice brings to bear deep knowledge of the investors, the personnel, the history and real time visibility on policies and practices.