Welcome to Saratoga Proxy

Saratoga Proxy Consulting LLC was founded by three industry veterans with the goal of providing a more focused, holistic, and pragmatic approach to investor advisory services.

Saratoga’s experienced senior partners are:

  • Seasoned industry professionals with experience in every aspect of the business.
  • Focused group of senior “practitioners” versus sales people or managers
  • Investment community experts with the reach and the insight to guide our clients through the myriad of shareholder issues they face.
  • “Hands-on” on ALL client matters

Saratoga’s partners have literally worked on thousands of proxy solicitations, consulted on hundreds of takeover / activism situations, including proxy fights representing both managements and opposition, as well as contested M&A engagements. Our professionals have also provided shareholder identification services to hundreds of issuers for defense, investor relations support, and proxy consulting purposes.

Our advice eschews the cookie-cutter path, and always originates from a detailed understanding of the specific perspective of a Company’s unique stock ownership with particular attention paid to the mood of the shareholders.

Our Services

Proxy Advice / Solicitation

A successful proxy campaign begins with a thoughtful assessment of the agenda, recognition of issues that may cause or contribute…

Proxy Contests

To provide clients an edge, Proxy Contests require motivated, experienced, organized and extremely knowledgeable professionals.

Shareholder Identification

Our Shareholder Identification programs are serviced by some of the most experienced professionals in the field…

Corporate Governance Consultation / Vote Projections

Nowhere is a more focused, holistic and pragmatic approach needed then when speaking about modifications to a company’s corporate…

M&A services

An ever increasing percentage of M&A transactions are subject to opposition during the shareholder approval process whether a vote or tender offer.

Fixed Income Services

The components of a successful tender or exchange offer begins with the identification of the major bondholders, including the appropriate decision makers.