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Over my 32 years I have done virtually everything there is to do in this business.  I have worked on proxy solicitations, proxy fights, tender/exchange offers, and takeovers, both friendly and hostile and on offense and defense. I have also opened mail, stuffed envelopes and made hand deliveries.

I have written numerous proxy letters, personally solicited thousands of institutional and individual shareholders, and as one of the longest tenured Shareholder Identification practitioners in the business, I have spent tens of thousands of hours monitoring and offering thoughtful perspective about a client’s stock ownership and turnover.

When I started in the business issuers were busy erecting takeover defenses against corporate raiders.  The corporate governance reform movement was just beginning.  I have witnessed the raiders and other takeover players morph into shareholder activists.  I have witnessed the birth of the proxy advisory community and the vast expansion of the hedge fund universe.  I have witnessed the dramatic increase in shareholder power and influence.

I fell into this business right out of college and I feel very fortunate because I love it!  I love the excitement and the intrigue of the high stakes situations.  I love gathering intelligence which brings more clarity to my client’s strategic choices.  I love the jousting which goes on with investors and other constituents.  I love collaborating with fellow advisors in support of a client’s goals.  I love being hands-on.  Most of all I love developing and maintaining strong client relationships.