S.E.C. Backs Virtual Only Annual Meetings

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Saratoga believes companies should proceed with caution before opting for a virtual only annual meeting. Many companies, especially larger ones with governance vulnerabilities, may face repercussions.   And with opposition from savvy shareholders and shareholder groups, companies should have some concern that angering a subset of their shareholder base could damage their credibility. Read More

The Saratoga Sage vol. 02

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Institutional Shareholder Services Initiates Comment Period on Several Potential New Voting Guidelines

On October 27th, ISS initiated its comment period on a handful of new voting guidelines they are contemplating for final publication. New ISS guidelines will be released the week of November 14th and will be in effect for shareholder meetings after February 1, 2017. Market participants will have until 6:00 PM EDT on Thursday, November 10th to provide comments.

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The Saratoga Sage vol. 01

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ISS Releases 2017 Policy Survey Results

ISS has released its “2017 Policy Survey” results, completing one of the initial steps in its annual formulation of new and updated voting guidelines. ISS will release its preliminary 2017 policy updates in late October and, after providing a brief comment period for issuers and others, will finalize new guidelines in mid-November. ISS policy updates will be effective for shareholder meetings that occur after February 1, 2017. Read More

Joseph J. Mills is quoted in Money Beat on WSJ.com

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About 2.4 million Tesla shares were recalled by stock lenders over five days through Wednesday, said Ihor Dusaniwsky, head of research at S3 Partners. The recalls have required some short sellers to buy the stock to return it. The recalled stock amounts to 18% of the stock’s trading volume in the five-day span, another factor that’s pushing the shares higher, Mr. Dusaniwsky said. Read More